01 August 2015

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Winter is finally here!

And just as we thought we truly escaped the real winter chill…it came back with a vengeance with minimum temperatures of -2 ⁰C and mid-day temperatures

hovering between 11-15⁰C for a week or so, we knew it’s not over yet! As we anticipate springtime – please bear in mind – the famous “August winds” has also set in early this year. This is not the month to wash curtains!


Our resident Hadada – affectionately nick-named “Stompie” (Stump) due to some unforeseen event in his life has lost one foot – seemed less bothered by the weather – as long as there is food. He does not mind if you come close to him – and he is a great help to our gardener in airing the lawn!

Another one of our residents is a “Springbok” which grazes in the garden at night. We believe she now has her baby with her. We are all very excited to try to catch these two on camera in the act of grazing the youngest and tender of the new succulents our gardener has to replant week after week. We will keep you posted on this story!


9 August 1956 – marks an important day in history. We bring tribute to all the wonderful Woman in History. We wish to extend an invitation to everyone to commemorate woman of the past but more so to commend the woman in your life now. Mom, Granny, sister, daughter, girlfriend and even the lady behind the cash register. They all make a difference somewhere, somehow to someone’s life!


Renovations around the Golf Estate are on track. This includes a New Clubhouse, new entrance to the estate and new paved golf cart roads / walkways along the golf course.


Do not forget to visit our website to stay updated with the Lakes News and the exciting additions as planned for our Lodge.


Warmest regards,

Management and Staff